LurnAid - KSOU MBA Marketing Sem IV

LurnAid (University Course Tutorials)

LurnAid enables anytime anywhere learning, increased student-faculty engagement, multiple assessments to check student’s understanding of the course curriculum.

We believe that distance learning can be made more engaging and rewarding with the proper use of technology, content and passion.

LurnAid Benefits

  1. Student has access to entire content from day 01
  2. Access to the best global faculty across domains
  3. On-the-go learning (Mobile and Tablet)
  4. Practice quizzes based on previous year’s question paper

Course Description

This course addresses the management challenge of designing and implementing the best combination of marketing actions to carry out a firm's strategy in its target markets. Specifically, this course seeks to develop the students' skills in applying the analytic perspectives, decision tools, and concepts of marketing to decisions involving segmentation, targeting and positioning; product offering; pricing; distribution channels and marketing communications.


Fourth Semester International Business
Services Management
Corporate Governance and Ethics
Integrated Marketing Communications
Business Marketing
International Marketing

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