LurnAid - KSOU M.A. (English) Year II

LurnAid (University Course Tutorials)

LurnAid enables anytime anywhere learning, increased student-faculty engagement, multiple assessments to check student’s understanding of the course curriculum.

We believe that distance learning can be made more engaging and rewarding with the proper use of technology, content and passion.

LurnAid Benefits

  • Student has access to entire content from day 01
  • Access to the best global faculty across domains
  • On-the-go learning (Mobile and Tablet)
  • Practice quizzes based on previous year’s question paper

Course Description

The course shall help the students to focus on creative and critical texts written and translated into English, to critically reexamine and analyze in a comparative frame literary texts, locations, agencies, productions and history of reception of the texts and also to introduce students to contemporary approaches in literary criticism and linguistics theories. The program also provides student with a skill set appropriate for managing resources as well as sound presentation and communication skills, which are required in today’s industry.


Second Year Twentieth Century - English Literature
Comparative Literature (Drama)
Literary Criticism
American Literature
European Classics in Translation
Twentieth Century - English Literature

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